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Pinpointed Crop Spraying

With traditional spraying techniques, workers wear knapsack sprayers that are either run by heavy batteries or manually pumped. Tractor-driven boom sprayers and airplanes incur extra time and expenses for spraying the entire crop field. These methods also often over-apply fertilizer and pesticide leading to unwanted waste and run-off. Yet, crops need consistent spraying and foliar […]

Crop Health Analytics

Finding pests, diseases, and stresses in field crops rely on physical scouting. These methods are not only expensive but time-consuming, as farmers can pay high consultancy costs to have an expert visit their crop fields. Drones get high-resolution aerial imaging by flying at low-altitude and help detect pests and diseases much earlier and more quickly. […]

Soil and Nutrient Analytics

Soil imaging is crucial for getting soil and field conditions during planning, growing, and harvesting. This data could yield useful insights on soil quality, fertility, soil nutrient deficiencies, and pH conditions across the site. Samples are collected from the field and analyzed in the laboratory through expensive and time-consuming techniques. With recent advances in technology, […]

Operational and Real-time Intelligence

Innovative algorithms and machine learning techniques, combined with advanced hardware specifications, provide operational teams with robust, real-time, and tactically relevant Common Operational Picture. The highly specialized data analytics technology utilized to collect and to interpret the data and provide real-time intelligence to the operators and support personnel to ensure that the operational safety and efficiency. […]

Learning in the 21st Century Pt. 2

Finding right content and pacing for a course or exercise is a great challenge. Even with a coherent and well structured curriculum, courses that are not tailored to members’ skill levels will quickly find sinking levels of engagement. To keep trainees engaged, Learning Management Systems (LMS) need to drive interactive and interesting content at the […]

Learning in the 21st Century

The primary goal of learning is to prepare your team to achieve operational readiness. It is not a matter of training only once a month or hearing the material in a training class once a year. The idea is to have a permanently team, with learning materials that can match an evergreen approach. Stationary training […]