Learning in the 21st Century Pt. 2

Finding right content and pacing for a course or exercise is a great challenge. Even with a coherent and well structured curriculum, courses that are not tailored to members’ skill levels will quickly find sinking levels of engagement. To keep trainees engaged, Learning Management Systems (LMS) need to drive interactive and interesting content at the point of need. In essence, there needs to be a balanced approach to training quality that allows members quickly learn and advance at his or her own pace, while having the required knowledge to be operationally ready and relevant.

Simulation software can help the training process by enabling managers to quickly gain insights into how members are performing. This removes the barriers that many teams face when trying to train members by reducing attrition and knowledge gaps. Rather than wasting time backing up hard copy reports, and then transferring them throughout the workflow process, all that information can be incorporated into its electronic learning system. It then makes collaboration simpler as colleagues can access the same information at the same time, and even run the same training exercises alongside each other.

Training that is digitally delivered can also be more efficient when done through software that takes into account the human factor of learning. Instead of only paper printouts, notes, and lectures; digital documentation and immersive learning can allow any operator to enact the knowledge and train before setting foot on the ship, reducing cost and increasing engagement and long-term memory. In addition to static training materials, our platform enables managers to identify where operators are in their learning, allowing them to give 1v1 feedback about their progress and quickly add to their curriculum as needed.

If you still use textbooks or paper to deliver your learning, or if you’re finding the many of your employees are disengaging with your training, there’s good news. Let’s find a solution that works for your educational needs that will help get your organization up to speed quicker and more effectively.

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