Learning in the 21st Century

The primary goal of learning is to prepare your team to achieve operational readiness. It is not a matter of training only once a month or hearing the material in a training class once a year. The idea is to have a permanently team, with learning materials that can match an evergreen approach.

Stationary training can give the appearance of being “ready”. This training is inadequate for the force of the 21st century, as it is often slow with long cycles, not personalized, and fails to engage your team with material that they will in operations.

Given the advances in industry and the pressure to deliver training to trainees around the clock and around the globe, organizations must change their approach to sharing essential knowledge about operations through training. Modernizing your learning program is a significant task, and accomplishing this requires engagement from everyone in enterprise. The end results is well worth it: improving the result of training, and creating organic learning communities to boost productivity. Here are some of the keys we’ve identified in learning:

· A robust set of unique learning tools which facilitates the delivery of care in an individualized manner and addressing the unique needs of every individual.

· A series of assessment tools to help in the identification of Problem Areas and to determine Areas of specialization.

· A fully integrated management system

· Access control for an LMS system, providing secure access from home to the system, and setting data access rights for each user.

While offering many unique features, our platform offers turnkey solutions to enable organization wide learning and training. You can learn more about the approaches in the next post.

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