Operational and Real-time Intelligence

Innovative algorithms and machine learning techniques, combined with advanced hardware specifications, provide operational teams with robust, real-time, and tactically relevant Common Operational Picture. The highly specialized data analytics technology utilized to collect and to interpret the data and provide real-time intelligence to the operators and support personnel to ensure that the operational safety and efficiency.

As the world becomes increasingly connected through the use of mobile phones, computers, tablets and internet (laptops and phones), the challenges of “real time” tactical operations are increasingly critical the operational level.

Our platform is the result of a highly interactive and collaborative process. For a system to provide security and safety of the people on the ground, the operator must be able to employ a wide range of innovative, robust technologies at a certain level of detail and security. In order to provide a high definition, interactive coverage of the environment; sensors and algorithms are designed to support current practical and scalable objectives to meet operational needs. The operational environment, however, is extremely complex and invariably creates an increased risk for harm to the operators. Such harm can be in the form of explosives, human error, hostile entities, or “unknown unknowns” such as disruption, indirect fire, over-watch, noise, and so on.

Our work in this field includes use cases of:

  • Over 150 highly complex simulated sensor and live motion experiments that will provide a wealth of times and data to ISR operations.
  • Nearly 10,000 computer controlled devices over all of our simulations displaying complex real-time operational scenarios.
  • Over 50 million simulated and real-world data points processed through our platform.

The video demonstration will look at a range of very advanced and effective surveillance sensor systems of the future of ISR. The techniques used in the demonstrations can and will be applied to such advanced systems in future operations.